Sunday, December 7, 2008

28 weeks!

Yesterday marked the entrance into the 3rd trimester and we're in the home stretch! The baby has been growing a lot lately and moves constantly. We're getting anxious to meet our little peanut!

Eigsti gang

The Eigsti clan bid fond farewell to a well-loved couch, "good ol' green". Mom and Dad Eigsti had the couch for numerous years and the time had come to say goodbye. We all had one last cozy sit on the couch while Dad gave us a scenic driving tour of the Eigsti estate in the old red truck.
Kayla loved riding in Grandpa's truck!
Thanksgiving/"Christmas" day family time
Micah and Ethan wore matching sweaters - too cute! If we have a boy, you can bet father and son will be matching next Christmas! :)
We did our gift exchange at Thanksgiving this year, since we won't be together at Christmas. Check out the cute hat Cherise got for Ethan!
We miss you all already!

The Many Faces of Chad

Our nephew Andrew, 3 1/2, is very into taking pictures lately. Chad kept him entertained for a long time one afternoon by letting Andrew take pictures of his silly faces. Andrew giggled and giggled and after every picture said, "Make more funny faces!". These pictures make me giggle, too. I love this guy! He's going to be such a great dad!

Baby Showers!

While we were home, we were blessed with two baby showers! My sister Tanya had one at her house with our families and a few friends. Our home church, Maranatha, also very thoughtfully had a shower for us! We were so grateful and had fun at both! We also got some great parenting tips from both showers - from dads and moms! :)

shower at Tanya's houseme and my mom
me and Tanya
My friend Dana is also pregnant (due April 28), so here we are showing off our baby bumps!

Maranatha baby shower

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mischievious Boys

While we were at the wedding, this little ornery boy named Andrew discovered that we had a suitcase full of wrapped Christmas presents...and proceeded to open all of them! His parents soon realized he was being too quiet and found him in the guest room where Chad and I were staying sitting amidst wrapping paper and fun presents! He immediately knew he was guilty and was sent to timeout. After timeout, we went to his playroom and pretended to call Chad and I to apologize. Tanya got a video of it. "I so sorry Uncle Chad and Aunt Sondra. I didn't know. It was an accident." Ha ha! How can you be mad at that!?!The aftermath
Part Two:
Tanya and Keith re-wrapped all of the presents for us, and a few days later, we decided to let Andrew and Jonathan open their presents early since we won't get to see them at Christmas. Andrew did not forget the Curious George book he opened the first time around and couldn't wait to open it again! :)
That Jonathan is so stinkin' cute! Andrew and I had a heart to heart about this baby inside my tummy. He was very concerned that it was too dark in there and that the baby couldn't see. He also really wanted to see the baby and lifted my shirt only to be disappointed by a belly and no baby! He asked what the baby's name was, so I asked him what we should name Baby. He said, "oh, the Peanut in the Fuzz." He remembered that's what he called it back in July when he saw our 7 week ultrasound picture! This kid amazes me! A few days later, completely unprompted, he came up to me and hugged my tummy and said, "Oh I love your precious baby!". He then tried to look in my mouth to see if he could see the baby from there. Ha!

Bekah & Ben's wedding

Chad and I were in Kansas the last week of November for a myriad of fun events! Baby showers, Thanksgiving with both of our families, a little bit of Christmas, and our friend Bekah's wedding! She had a beautiful fall-themed wedding and we are so happy for them!