Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giddy-up Cowboy

Last weekend we took Luke to his first rodeo. Nevermind it started about the time he usually goes to bed...he LOVED it! My parents have Luke one day a week while I work, and they spend a good chunk of time out looking at my dad's cattle. If Luke had his way, that's all they would do all day. ("Moo" was his first word, by the way) So, naturally, 2 1/2 hours of getting to sit and watch horses and cows run by was heaven for Luke. Mommy and Daddy were chopped liver as Luke would only sit with Grandpa all evening (except for about 2 minutes when Grandma snuck him some gummy bears *bribery*). There was not a peep out of him...he just pointed and pointed and Dad said he would kick excitedly every time a horse/cow/bull came running or bucking out of a chute. Let's just say getting Luke to sit anywhere for this long is a miracle, so you know he loved it.

My dad, as you can tell, is a bit of a cowboy himself. Back in the day, he actually competed in rodeos in the team calf roping event. My dad is such a stud, don't you think?

This pretty much sums up the evening. Point point point.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Looks

Luke does this new thing where he gives you this awful scowl and then just busts up laughing. One day, it was like he was just playing with facial expressions, and when he did this one (see below), I could not contain myself and laughed. So, now he does it just to make me laugh.
Lookin' mean Lookin' less mean
Smile/giggle is just around the corner (nevermind the dumb picture is sideways)
He's also discovered he can imitate Mommy's fishy face.
And then there is the sweet potato 'do. I promise he styled his own hair! And please note the red spot just above his eyebrow. He took his first face dive into cement that morning. (The first of many, I fear.) He's tough though, and barely cried 10 seconds before wanting to run back and play.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

In the Motherhood

Motherhood certainly isn't easy at times, but it is wonderful. Luke is a great kid and makes me smile every single day. Yes, even on the days he throws all of his food on my freshly mopped floor. The other day, I was really frustrated about something (unrelated to him) and he immediately sensed it. He came up to me and raised his arms to be picked up. The second I had him in my arms, he started kissing me profusely (open mouth, of course) and hugging and squeezing me as if to cheer me up. He gives me hugs a lot, but that was the first time I got that kind of affection unprompted. That makes a million dirty diapers worth it. Not to mention, since becoming a mother, I now get to dance every day and someone claps for me every time I sing. This is the life.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary

May 6 is the day that we said "I do". It's been 4 years, and I've never been more proud to stand by my man. He's a keeper. Since we now have a child and no longer take pictures of ourselves, this pic is from our fabulous honeymoon in many years do you have to be married before you can go on a second honeymoon?????

Sunday, May 2, 2010

First (Real) Haircut

Luke has been in need of a cut for a while, but well, life has been busy so it just didn't happen. But the day finally came where I was sick of washing sweet potatoes out of his long locks, so it was time for a trim. He did fairly well, with some whines and wiggles mixed in, just to let me know he didn't really appreciate sitting in that chair...but did enjoy the lollipop and book for distraction.Mission accomplished.