Sunday, May 9, 2010

In the Motherhood

Motherhood certainly isn't easy at times, but it is wonderful. Luke is a great kid and makes me smile every single day. Yes, even on the days he throws all of his food on my freshly mopped floor. The other day, I was really frustrated about something (unrelated to him) and he immediately sensed it. He came up to me and raised his arms to be picked up. The second I had him in my arms, he started kissing me profusely (open mouth, of course) and hugging and squeezing me as if to cheer me up. He gives me hugs a lot, but that was the first time I got that kind of affection unprompted. That makes a million dirty diapers worth it. Not to mention, since becoming a mother, I now get to dance every day and someone claps for me every time I sing. This is the life.


Adrianna said...

*sniff, sniff* Ain't life grand!

Matt and Renita said...

You have a wonderful son who has been blessed with an amazing mommy. So proud of you and thankful for the ways you challenge and encourage me on this journey. Thanks for being such a good example for young mothers. Love you!

Micah & Shanna said...

So sweet!!! Okay and I admit that yes Luke does indeed look like a mini Chad - but i still think he totally looked more Nisly when he was younger! :) Regardless what a handsome nephew i have!!!!