Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mr. Clean

Adam loves to clean.  I mean, whenever I am cleaning anything, he MUST help!  Or, if someone's sock on the floor, he picks it up and starts using it as a rag to clean the floor.  Hey, I'm not complaining.  I'm hoping this enthusiasm continues into the tween and teen years.
 Luke likes things clean but generally doesn't share Adam's enthusiasm to do it.  Washing the car is more enticing though because of the water sprayer which is what he spent most of the time doing.  Spraying the car, spraying his brother, whatever. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cousin Fun

A couple of weeks ago, all the cousins (on the Eigsti side) were in town for the week and we had lots of fun!  On one very weather-perfect day, we spent the evening in Mimi and Papa's backyard playing on Papa's handcrafted swingset/slide.  Two summers ago, he spent many hours of labor designing and building this for his grandkids!  I believe he still intends to add a zipline to it.
  On another beautiful evening, his work had a "family" night, which included fishing and other fun activities.  We did not own any fishing poles, so Chad went out and bought two that day.  He set his pole down for a moment to get a fish off of Luke's pole, and in a moment's time, his pole was yanked into the pond by what must have been a giant fish!  Luke really likes to tell that story.  He calls it the "naughty fish".

Hedrick's Exotic Animal Farm

We have been thoroughly enjoying our summer!  Like last summer, we recently trekked to Hedrick's Exotic Animal Farm with our Parents as Teachers group.  Luke was a little more hesitant to get near the animals than last year, but Adam was very into it!  It's the kind of experience you can't quite get at a zoo. 

 Adam LOVED feeding all of the animals!

This giraffe was sitting down at the time, but supposedly is one of the tallest giraffes in the States.  He unfortunately wasn't very interested in eating Luke's sweet potato.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wheat Harvest 2012

Harvest time came a lot earlier this year than usual.  Like Memorial Day weekend early!  My dad said never in his life have they harvested that early.  Usually it's sometime mid-late June.  He ended up needing some extra help, so since Chad had some experience helping with harvest (from way back in our early dating years 2000-2001ish!!) he spent most of Memorial Day in the field.  So of course the boys didn't want to miss out!  They got tractor rides, combine rides, and even a trip or two in the wheat truck with Daddy to the grain elevator.  And to top it all off they got to play with their cousins!  It was a beautiful day and lots of fun!


Saturday, June 2, 2012


This is a little delayed, but Tuesday night was Luke's first T-ball game.  As you may notice, these are not pictures of Luke.  During the game, Adam fell and hit his face on the metal part of the bleachers.  I was on the field with Luke, so didn't find out a thing, but Chad said there was a LOT of blood.  But only about 20 seconds of crying.  Adam's a little too tough, if you ask me.  He is WAY more dare-devil than Luke ever was, and just days before this happened, I said to someone that I thought Adam was going to be our little ER baby.  He wouldn't want to prove his mama wrong, ya know!  We decided to check with Nurse Grandma first before heading to the ER, and she thought steri-strips could hold his cut together better than stitches so we went with it.  Should be a lovely scar, though!