Saturday, June 2, 2012


This is a little delayed, but Tuesday night was Luke's first T-ball game.  As you may notice, these are not pictures of Luke.  During the game, Adam fell and hit his face on the metal part of the bleachers.  I was on the field with Luke, so didn't find out a thing, but Chad said there was a LOT of blood.  But only about 20 seconds of crying.  Adam's a little too tough, if you ask me.  He is WAY more dare-devil than Luke ever was, and just days before this happened, I said to someone that I thought Adam was going to be our little ER baby.  He wouldn't want to prove his mama wrong, ya know!  We decided to check with Nurse Grandma first before heading to the ER, and she thought steri-strips could hold his cut together better than stitches so we went with it.  Should be a lovely scar, though! 

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