Thursday, August 23, 2012


I can't believe it, but my firstborn baby started preschool this week.  He LOVES it!  He goes 2 mornings a week.  The best part for me is that one of those mornings I am in the building as his preschool is also my workplace!  He is not in my classroom, but I did sneak in through my friend Shanna's office (his teacher) and steal a few peaks at him throughout his first day.  When I pick him up he talks nonstop and tells me all about his day and all the fun he had! 
 I love that he gets to be in my friend Shanna's class. 
 Adam wants to go too!
In related news, this was my 3rd week back at work, and like every year, the first weeks are the most challenging for a variety of reasons.  Each year, something difficult seems to happen during those first days, and this year was no exception.  My first day back at work, I came home to a hot house.  The air conditioner had died sometime during the day and I mean DIED.  The entire thing had to be replaced.  So, it was 87* in our house for almost 5 days.  Good thing the Olympics were on that week and I had an excuse to lay on the couch and watch TV (and nearly drown in my own sweat).  Awesome.  It didn't stop there.  Week #2: Monday morning on my way to work I was in a bit of a fender bender.  No injuries, just irritation and 45 minutes late to my meeting.  Oh, and we also started at a new babysitter this year and my 18 month old child who naps for 3 hours a day does not nap there and is a complete bear in the evening when I pick him up.  So obviously, I question myself constantly if I am doing the right thing by working (even though it's only 2-3 days per week!).  *sigh*  In other news, the people who lived in this house before us put in fresh white carpet just months before we bought the house.  That's great and all, but WHITE???  With children???  Today my sweet and naughty 18 month old decided white carpet is boring.  It should be GREEN!  Any suggestions on how to get crayon out of carpet?  This (long) green line extends basically straight across the center of our living room.  You can't miss it.  And you can't put furniture over it there either.  I couldn't even be mad at him because after his "time-out" he was so repentent and tried to wipe it off himself.  That's what I get for trying to make lunch!  Ha!  They were playing "school" so nicely in the living room.  I should have known...
But even with all this, there is much to be thankful for.  The week our air conditioner died, it was one of the coolest weeks we had had all summer!  Only one day with 100* weather.  It could have been a lot worse!  Plus, because of the work my awesome husband does, he was able to do ALL of the work himself to install the new unit, thus saving us all the $$ it would have cost to hire someone!  And as for the car accident, again, could have been much worse!  No major damage, no one injured.  The days may be hard sometimes, but God is always good.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

As it does every year, summer got away from us quickly!  My blog may have been pretty boring lately, but there was never a dull moment around here!  We did so many fun things, this mommy was sad to return to work and miss out on our fun outings.  Here's a look at a few of the fun things we did.
Luke played T-ball this summer and loved it!  And I had fun coaching the team.

We went skating, old school style!  (I seriously had these exact same roller skates when I was in kindergarten!)

 Adam got his first haircut

 We were into the Olympics at our house!  Adam and Luke enjoyed racing around our house and attempting to mimic the gymnastics moves.  Here they are showing their muscles and racing!

 We spent lots of time just playing outside at home.  One day, Luke spontaneously plopped down in the middle of the yard and started watching the clouds and told me what he thought the clouds looked like (flowers, tigers, etc).  That's what summer is all about, right?