Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Luke!

It's hard to believe, but Luke turns 2 today! Our little man is growing up so fast. At 2, he loves all things related to music and tractors. He sings lots of songs, talks up a storm, and is going through a very independent stage where he must do everything "self!". All of his grandparents are among his favorite people, so they all came over to celebrate with us. He was in heaven! He brings so much joy to our lives, and we can't imagine life without him!

one week old 6 months old
12 months old
18 months old
Luke is 2! I am now the mother of a 2 year old and an (almost) 2 week old [God help me]. So his mother didn't make him a special cake this year. I do have a newborn, remember? He loved his cupcake from Dairy Queen just the same.
Adam partied with the rest of us
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"Yippee!" A new bike!Peek in the bag, it's a cool new tractor from Great Grandpa Eigsti!

Adam meeting his Great Grandpa Eigstis
Happy Birthday, sweet Luke! We are so glad you are our son!

Grandpa Nisly

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster emotionally. We welcomed the beautiful new life of our son Adam, and one week later said goodbye to my sweet Grandpa who went to be with the Lord. Although he's been slipping away from us for several years now due to Alzheimer's, it's still hard and sad to say goodbye. He was a wonderful man and I have many fond memories with my grandparents. But, I am glad, knowing he is no longer suffering on this earth, and now he gets to hang out with my grandma again up in heaven!
Henry Nisly
March 5, 1919 - February 21, 2011
Grandma and Grandpa at their auction July 2008
at our wedding rehearsal dinner May 2006
Luke with Grandpa February 2010
We'll miss you, Grandpa.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Then There Were Four

We are thrilled to announce the birth of our son, Adam David Eigsti, born February 14 at 11:44 a.m. He weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and was 19 inches long. A healthy bouncing baby boy! I had a doctors appointment last Friday, and my doctor was convinced I would have him in the next 2-3 days (even though his due date wasn't until this Friday the 18th). She was exactly right! So, we spent the weekend doing all of our last minute to-dos before the baby came and I had contractions inconsistently throughout the weekend. Monday morning the contractions started again around 4:30 and by 6:30 they were already about 5 minutes apart so off to the hospital we went! Everything continued to go very quickly once we were there, and only 5 hours later he was here! We were so grateful for a smooth labor and delivery! He is a healthy and strong little guy! Some have asked if we named him after anyone, and yes, his middle name David is after my uncle (dad's brother) who passed away while I was in high school. He had Down Syndrome and to know him was to love him! We just liked the name Adam and it was Luke's alternate name, so we used it this time! We adore this guy so much already and Luke is crazy about his baby brother. Although, Luke calls him "Hannah" sometimes, who is our 4 month old niece. It's taken him a bit to understand that this is a different baby, who lives with us, but he's getting there!
Here is the brand new Adam!
First family photo (minus Luke) right after delivery
A few hours later, Luke came to meet his baby brother!
Checking him out...
Grandpa Nisly
Grandma Nisly
Papa Eigsti
Mimi Eigsti
A tired Daddy
One day old!
Going home!
Luke loves Adam and wants to hug, kiss, and hold him all the time!
Two days old. He's pretty alert and loves his binky! We love you, Adam. Welcome to our family! Thank you God for this incredible blessing!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Few of His Favorite Things...

What can I child is a little bit weird, which makes him all the more loveable! I took him to a "Dr. Seuss Night" event last month where he got to do lots of fun crafty stuff, obstacle courses, etc. One of the crafts was to make a hat which he wasn't all that into when we were there. Ever since then, however, he must wear this hat at all times. While we eat, play, whatever. It will soon go bye bye however (don't tell Luke), as it has taken quite a beating of love. It's still lookin' pretty good in these pictures though.

And if you were to have a conversation with my son about his favorite things, he would most certainly talk about cows and tractor rides! On Wednesdays he goes to my parents' house while I work, and MUST have a tractor ride with Grandpa and go visit the cows. He talks about it constantly..."dump it" (the grain for the cows) "baby cow", "tractor ride", etc. My dad is convinced we should be raising this kid on a farm.

Getting ready to "help" Grandpa do chores.
Good thing Grandpa's tractor has a buddy seat!


Um, it's FEBRUARY, you might say. I realize. But, things have been a bit wild around here as of late as we are frantically trying to finish projects around the house before Munchkin #2 joins us. Plus, I've been working extra days to help cover my maternity leave (but not today, it's a snow day, yea!). Anyway, although Christmas is practically ancient history by now, I still couldn't resist sharing our highlights this year. So, here they are:
Christmas morning at our house. For some reason, Luke's mother decided to get him a drum. Crazy woman. But, the boy LOVES music and puts concerts on for us all the time. Accompanying loud singing included.
Christmas with the Nislys. Luke can be found wherever Grandpa and Hannah are. Please note Hannah's adorable headband that we got her. Girly accessories are so fun!He got lots of fun gifts, but of course especially loved the tractor he got from Grandpa and Grandma.Posing in front of our Christmas tree looking all handsome!
We celebrated Christmas over New Year's in Omaha with the Eigstis. Luke can be found wherever "Baby Sef" is. Noticing a theme?? This kid LOVES babies. Hopefully he will also be this fond of his baby brother.
Luke got more fun stuff for Christmas. Here he is dancing a jig with the music on his new leap frog computer. That thing was a lifesaver during our drive home! Hours of entertainment!
We had lots of fun with everyone! Thank you Micah and Shanna for hosting us!