Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Um, it's FEBRUARY, you might say. I realize. But, things have been a bit wild around here as of late as we are frantically trying to finish projects around the house before Munchkin #2 joins us. Plus, I've been working extra days to help cover my maternity leave (but not today, it's a snow day, yea!). Anyway, although Christmas is practically ancient history by now, I still couldn't resist sharing our highlights this year. So, here they are:
Christmas morning at our house. For some reason, Luke's mother decided to get him a drum. Crazy woman. But, the boy LOVES music and puts concerts on for us all the time. Accompanying loud singing included.
Christmas with the Nislys. Luke can be found wherever Grandpa and Hannah are. Please note Hannah's adorable headband that we got her. Girly accessories are so fun!He got lots of fun gifts, but of course especially loved the tractor he got from Grandpa and Grandma.Posing in front of our Christmas tree looking all handsome!
We celebrated Christmas over New Year's in Omaha with the Eigstis. Luke can be found wherever "Baby Sef" is. Noticing a theme?? This kid LOVES babies. Hopefully he will also be this fond of his baby brother.
Luke got more fun stuff for Christmas. Here he is dancing a jig with the music on his new leap frog computer. That thing was a lifesaver during our drive home! Hours of entertainment!
We had lots of fun with everyone! Thank you Micah and Shanna for hosting us!

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