Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Fun

Even though it's technically spring and we are on spring break, it is pretty bitter cold outside these days with traces of snow left from this weekend's storm.  It inspired me to finally post pictures from the big storm we had last month.  I mean BIG!  Well, big for Kansas anyway.  I already forgot how many inches we got, but I think it was around 14.  The boys were so excited!  When we went out, it was still too wet to make a snowman, but the boys were very satisfied just digging in it with their shovels.
 A few days later the boys wanted to go out yet again, but by that time, the thrill of getting everyone all bundled up was gone for me.  So I compromised and brought the snow in to them.  I couldn't believe how much of a hit it was!  They played for probably a solid hour (way longer than if we would have gone outside!).  Who knew that a bin of snow, cups, and a few kitchen utensils could be so much fun.  It made me feel better about being too lazy to bundle them up to send them outside!
 Happy Spring everyone!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cuttin' Wood

Chad's parents have a wood burning stove to help heat their home, and it's Eigsti men tradition to go out several times a year and cut wood.  Even Chad's grandpa, well along in his 80's still enjoys helping, though he wasn't along this time.  This was a special day though, because it was the first time that Luke got to help.  He even took along his toy chainsaw, just in case.  He was a trooper, because it was pretty chilly outside that day!