Saturday, September 11, 2010

Water Boy

Luke has become more of a "helper" these days. Watering Mommy's flowers was one of his favorite things to do this summer. He used to let me help guide where the water went, but no more. All by himself. All the time. With all things. Good thing he hits the flowers most of the time! Never mind we always have to change clothes when we go inside. He tugs at his shorts and shirt and declares them "wet".

Friday, September 10, 2010

Luke's summer highlights

Since Mommy didn't feel good pretty much all summer (thank goodness I'm starting to feel like myself again!), Luke didn't get to do nearly as many fun things as mommy had hoped. Here are the things he did get to do and loved!
-go on lots of rides on Grandpa Nisly's ranger (and help drive, of course)
-Play on Grandpa and Grandma Nisly's farm. He also got to take rides in the field on the tractor and help Grandpa feed the cows and Grandma get the eggs.
-drive Grandpa Eigsti's truck

-drive Grandpa Eigsti's tractor...this kid will sit and "drive" anything forever if I let him.

-ride his bike

-wear cool shades

-and ride a horse!

Sing it Michael!

Our highlight was probably getting to go on a real date to a Michael Buble concert in June (about a day before the horrible morning sickness kicked in, literally!) We had planned it as a [late] celebration of our anniversary. It was an awesome concert!

mmm, mmm, his voice!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eigsti Family Vacation

So this is very belated, but in late July/early August we took an Eigsti family vacation to Colorado to celebrate Chad's parents both turning 60 this year. The cool weather was a nice break from the Kansas heat! We had lots of fun and loved getting to meet our new nephew, Seth! We did lots of hiking, went down the alpine slide, got some shopping in, lots of eating, and some great relaxing time! This kid is cute enough to take home with us!Love this picture of my boys!
This waterfall was our treat after a long (and rainy!) hike. It was a little bit grueling for the preggo girl.

We managed to get rained on during every hike we went on...even when we took the kids! They loved it of course!

We took advantage of one lovely rain-free day to take some family photos. They turned out pretty great, I'd say, for using an automatic timer. Good thing Chad is a fast runner!

This rock was harder to get on than we thought, but at least the nice picture made it worth it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pregnant Brain

I know there is research out there that claims that pregnancy has no effect whatsoever on one's brain, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Case in point:

A couple of days ago, I was on my way to work and was within a few blocks of the babysitter's house when it suddenly occurred to me...there was no child in my back seat. It was Wednesday. On Wednesdays (just like last school year), Luke goes to my parent's house and Chad takes him since it is closer to his work. As I got ready that morning I even thought about how nice it was to only have to get myself ready for the day. This was my third Wednesday back to work this school year too, so you'd think I'd have the hang of it. Hmmmm...not convinced?

The next day, more absent-mindedness. There is a stoplight about a block from where we live. I stop at this light basically every day. On this particular day, I approached the light, looked both ways and saw no cars in sight and went on my merry way. About halfway through the intersection I realized I had just ran a red light. What?! I am losing it. I don't remember being this clueless while pregnant with Luke, but of course, seeing as how pregnancy seems to strip away my ability to think, I probably wouldn't remember.

So, if you see me driving down the road, I highly suggest you turn and drive in the opposite direction for your safety. Or, if you would be so kind, please pull up beside me and tell me where I am supposed to be going. I'm sure I won't have a clue. thankyouverymuch