Monday, September 6, 2010

Eigsti Family Vacation

So this is very belated, but in late July/early August we took an Eigsti family vacation to Colorado to celebrate Chad's parents both turning 60 this year. The cool weather was a nice break from the Kansas heat! We had lots of fun and loved getting to meet our new nephew, Seth! We did lots of hiking, went down the alpine slide, got some shopping in, lots of eating, and some great relaxing time! This kid is cute enough to take home with us!Love this picture of my boys!
This waterfall was our treat after a long (and rainy!) hike. It was a little bit grueling for the preggo girl.

We managed to get rained on during every hike we went on...even when we took the kids! They loved it of course!

We took advantage of one lovely rain-free day to take some family photos. They turned out pretty great, I'd say, for using an automatic timer. Good thing Chad is a fast runner!

This rock was harder to get on than we thought, but at least the nice picture made it worth it!

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