Friday, March 19, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

Today we went back to the doctor and got a clean bill of health for Luke! Ears - clear. Lungs - clear. On target developmentally. Blessed? Yes. Thank you Lord for healing our babe! That was definitely a happy of the day. Other things that make me happy:
1) This face: I could be having the worst day, but one smile or giggle from this person and nothing else matters.
2) Completely unrelated to all things Luke, but this is no garbage bin. It is a recycle bin that we can put all things recyclable. Then they pick it up on trash day and it goes into a machine that magically sorts plastic, glass, metal, paper, etc, so I don't have to! This makes me happy. Don't judge. So I'm a nerd, ok? We didn't have this kind of luxury in our apartment. Plus, what can I's good to be green.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

About 3 weeks ago, Luke got a cold. A really bad cold...the day before we were to fly to Florida for a pastor's conference. About half way through the week after being up all night with a fussy baby, I suspected Luke had an ear infection and off to a walk in clinic we went. Sure enough, he did. So we started antibiotics. Fast forward a couple of weeks. Finished the antibiotics and Luke still just didn't seem right and so on Friday back to the dr we went. Sure enough, double ear infection this time. But that was the least of his problems. We weren't with the nurse for more than 30 seconds when she noticed a little bit of "grunting" in his breathing. They did an oxygen saturation test, and it was just ok. His breathing and lungs were raspy. That's when the doctor said that he "is flirting with going to the hospital". Chills went up my spine. They hooked him up and we did a breathing treatment. Retested his oxygen and it was too low. Waited a little bit and retested again and it was just high enough to keep us out of the hospital. Thank goodness. So, Luke is now on breathing treatments every 4-6 hours until he can get over this gunk, a steroid to try to clear his lungs, a stronger antibiotic for his ears, and ear drops to numb ear pain. Poor kid. We watch the DVD God Made Babies during every breathing treatment. It is our friend (a treatment without this distraction is torture for all parties involved). He loves this video and it is a total treat for him to watch it, which is the only thing that gets us through treatments . I haven't let him watch much before this except in extreme cases (i.e., when mommy and daddy had food poisoning). Now he's like Pavlov's dog, and sees the video come on and sits down and gets ready for his treatment.
Bad = we have a sick babe. Good = we're not in the hospital and he's still happy as normal for the most part.
our little sicky
Beautiful = Daddy brought home flowers for Mommy and Luke after a rough day.
While in Florida, we stopped at the beach for a few minutes even though it was pretty chilly.
Beautiful = SPRING is around the corner! Luke and I went out to explore our backyard the other afternoon since it was beautiful and 60-something outside. And we discovered green! This will be our first spring/summer to enjoy our yard, and I'm excited to see what flowers and plants emerge! Any guesses what flowers these will be??