Monday, February 27, 2012

The Big 3

Today is the day our big boy turns 3. I really can't believe it. He is growing up so fast and has quite the personality. He is independent, funny, social...yet does not like to be the center of attention, animated, and (of course in my opinion) very very smart! He is strong willed or "spirited" as some have called it, yet so loving and sweet. He tells us multiple times a day that he loves us. He loves to sing, dance, play ball, ride in tractors, and read books. He knows it's his birthday and didn't waste any time taking advantage of it. First thing this morning, he announced, "I need 3 breakfast-es because I'm 3." We love this kid and feel so blessed that he was given to our family! Lately, his big thing is to make faces at the camera. Truthfully, it will be a miracle if we get his 3 year pictures done because he absolutely loathes getting pictures taken and is not into smiling when there is pressure to do so. Here are a few of his faces:
happy...of course, he had just seen his tractor birthday cake!
Oh yes we did. In truth, I came up with the idea and game plan and Chad executed. That's why I married him. So many hidden talents.
Happy Birthday, Luke!
More pics to come...we had a fun joint birthday party for the boys this weekend!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Little Mouse

My dear husband gave me chocolate for Valentine's Day. Not just any chocolate, the good stuff. The other evening after the boys were sleeping, we decided to bust out the good stuff and have ourselves a chocolate treat. However, something was amiss...
No, we don't have a puppy or any pets in the house. No mice either.
Turns out a certain boy, born on Valentine's, has developed a taste for the good stuff. I'm pretty sure this happened while he was "playing quietly" and I was making supper. Can't say I blame him. I love chocolate almost enough to eat through a wrapper to get to it too.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Birthday Boy

Many people think of this day only as Valentine's Day, but we have another reason to celebrate! Adam David was born on this day one year ago! We didn't exactly plan for him to be a Valentine's baby, but apparently that's when he wanted to arrive. This year has flown by, and we have loved having an extra little person to love each day! He has been the easiest baby least until the last 2 months or so. Somehow, he has forgotten how wonderful it is to sleep through the night! We're working on it. He is a happy little guy, and adores his big brother. His favorite things are bathtime, crawling up steps (preferably with Luke chasing him), reading books, and playing with Luke's toys. He says "uh oh" and signs "more". And he's imitated me saying "all done". I thought I was crazy at first, but Luke heard it too! He's taken a step here and there, but is not very interested in trying and prefers to crawl. He sure is loveable and gives lots of hugs! We just love this little guy!

a few days old
5 months old

6 months old

7 months old
9 months old
ONE YEAR!!! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!