Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From Baby to Boy

It has been brought to my attention that my son has gotten a bit of a shaggy do. Check out the hair hanging over his ears:
Even more noticeable in this picture:
So, we did it. His first hair cut. Well, really just a trim around the ears. He was such a trooper, even though he looks a little unsure about it in this picture.

Then it was daddy's turn.
The result. Excuse me, what happened to my baby boy?

Four Generations

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, four generations of Eigsti men. Take it in, as there are so very few Eigstis on this fine planet of ours, and here are 4 in one picture!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Three Muskateers

Can we say Triple Trouble??? Here is Luke sandwiched between two of his cousins. Andrew plays with him pretty well and loves to make him laugh. Jonathan and Luke are exactly a year apart and therefore there are some toy battles to be had, but the love is there for sure. I have a feeling these boys will be good buddies growing up and perhaps a little trouble for their mothers.

Tanya got them all matching shirts to wear at Christmas. Too bad Santa didn't deliver matching attention spans/smiles!
Please note Luke's face in the pic below. We don't know where this expression came from, but it is his new "so excited, can't believe it" face. He uses it frequently these days. hi.lar.i.ous.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Game Plan 2010

So, as I was pondering the idea of making New Year's resolutions, I came to the conclusion of..."What's the point?". Not that making resolutions is a bad thing, but I am thinking more along the lines of, how does this affect my eternal growth? Pretty sure when I get to heaven, God isn't going to ask me, "So, how did that 'learn to knit' resolution go for ya?". That said, my goal this year is to read the Bible in 2010. The whole thing. I'm using the One Year Bible, which has the whole reading plan set up for me. Because I'm a little lazy like that and am more likely to achieve this goal if it's already all set up for me and all I have to do is read. Now, technically, I confess, I'm already a day behind, but I will do it, by golly. And there will be ice cream in the end to celebrate. And maybe in my spare time I will learn to knit, just for an added bonus.

Do you have any eternal goals 2010? Do share. Seriously. I heart comments.