Friday, September 10, 2010

Luke's summer highlights

Since Mommy didn't feel good pretty much all summer (thank goodness I'm starting to feel like myself again!), Luke didn't get to do nearly as many fun things as mommy had hoped. Here are the things he did get to do and loved!
-go on lots of rides on Grandpa Nisly's ranger (and help drive, of course)
-Play on Grandpa and Grandma Nisly's farm. He also got to take rides in the field on the tractor and help Grandpa feed the cows and Grandma get the eggs.
-drive Grandpa Eigsti's truck

-drive Grandpa Eigsti's tractor...this kid will sit and "drive" anything forever if I let him.

-ride his bike

-wear cool shades

-and ride a horse!

1 comment:

Dana Marie said...

this kid belongs in Kansas on a farm! it's very fitting, but know you're missed!