Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby Growth

So I haven't been the best at giving baby updates...everything appears to be going ok so far. I was 32 weeks on Christmas Eve, so we are getting close! It's hard to believe. It's going so fast. I felt hiccups for the first time today...just another reminder that there is a little sweet person in there! A couple of weeks ago, I had a bout with the stomach flu. Extremely no fun for me, and I assume no picnic for Baby either. Uck. Fortunately, Luke and Chad did not get it! Other than that, I've been relatively healthy, though I "feel" more pregnant with this one than I did with Luke. Not sure if that makes sense - maybe other moms out there get it? In other baby news, we are seriously struggling with coming up with a name for this little guy. Any suggestions out there?
21 weeks

24 weeks

28 weeks
32 weeks


Mike Medved said...

Michael means "Who is like God". That is pretty solid.

Anonymous said...


Love all those names. :)

Adrianna said...

Such a cute little belly! :)

Is Adam not back on the table? I never got to use a boy name...love William, Braeden, Sawyer...hmmm...would have to think more on that, never really got that far with boy names. :)

Glad to hear you're doing well, other than the stomach flu! Yuck! Can't wait to hear of Baby Boy #2's arrival (in 8 weeks or so!)

Lindsay said...

Lookin' cute - glad all is well, besides the flue, that is. And I know what you mean about "feeling" more preggo. I felt that way with Addie. This one I don't feel "too" preggo...yet! :-)


dana said...

Levi, Cooper, and Cody were some of our other favorites!