Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cousin Fun

A couple of weeks ago, all the cousins (on the Eigsti side) were in town for the week and we had lots of fun!  On one very weather-perfect day, we spent the evening in Mimi and Papa's backyard playing on Papa's handcrafted swingset/slide.  Two summers ago, he spent many hours of labor designing and building this for his grandkids!  I believe he still intends to add a zipline to it.
  On another beautiful evening, his work had a "family" night, which included fishing and other fun activities.  We did not own any fishing poles, so Chad went out and bought two that day.  He set his pole down for a moment to get a fish off of Luke's pole, and in a moment's time, his pole was yanked into the pond by what must have been a giant fish!  Luke really likes to tell that story.  He calls it the "naughty fish".

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