Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Looks

Luke does this new thing where he gives you this awful scowl and then just busts up laughing. One day, it was like he was just playing with facial expressions, and when he did this one (see below), I could not contain myself and laughed. So, now he does it just to make me laugh.
Lookin' mean Lookin' less mean
Smile/giggle is just around the corner (nevermind the dumb picture is sideways)
He's also discovered he can imitate Mommy's fishy face.
And then there is the sweet potato 'do. I promise he styled his own hair! And please note the red spot just above his eyebrow. He took his first face dive into cement that morning. (The first of many, I fear.) He's tough though, and barely cried 10 seconds before wanting to run back and play.

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