Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joel and Stephanie's reception

Last weekend Chad and I ventured to Goshen, Indiana (my mom's hometown) for my cousin Joel's wedding reception. He and Stephanie got married in Kansas in July and we were not able to go. They are going to live in Indiana, so they had a reception there for friends and family who could not come to the wedding. We had a great time catching up with relatives from mom's side of the family.The proud parents - my uncle and aunt Dave and Ruth are on the right.
Uncle Laverne and Aunt Regina - two of mom's siblings

Cousin Emily and me - many comment that we could be sisters - what do you think? Mom's brother Tom and wife Mollie were our gracious hosts during our stay over the weekend. Thanks so much for everything - we loved staying with you guys!
Mom's four brothers


Tanya said...

Great pictures! I was wondering when/if you were going to post some!

Micah & Shanna said...

i totally wasn't thinking when you said you were going to your cousin's reception - you know that Traci was Stephanie's made of honor - crazy huh!!! I saw some pics that Traci had taken - i keep forgetting all the relatives that you have that Traci and Brett are connected with as well. glad you go to the reception!