Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clam Bake

Our friends, Mike and Jen, have graciously invited us to a number of their family events, the most recent being Jen's families' annual clam bake. We Kansans had never heard of such a thing, but were excited to try it out! It was a major feast- steak, chicken, crab legs, clams, etc. Chad and I tasted our first clams, and I learned how to crack crab legs to get the meat out. So it was both educational and delicious! We had a fun time - thanks Mike and Jen for inviting us!Cookin' crab legs
Mike and Jen's dad, "Mr. P"...our fearless cooks
What a feast!
He don't take no "crab" from anybody. ha ha ha ha

Mike and Jen's daughter, Addison - the real star of the show! :) What a cutie!

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Tanya said...

Sounds and looks yummy! And I take it the smell of seafood is no longer offensive! YEAH!