Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smiley Sweetie Pie

Our little Luke is 7 weeks old and is smiling more and more each day! These pics aren't the best ones of his smile, but it's hard to capture. I think in this one below he looks like his daddy! My next goal is to try to get a pic of his new pout that he's been sporting. For whatever reason, whenever Chad or I sneeze, he sticks out that lower lip for a perfect pout and then cries. His parents then proceed to laugh hysterically at him. We're so mean. :) He loves his swing, and it sometimes rocks him to sleep as you can see. Of course, the times that I hope it will rock him to sleep, it doesn't work and he just sits there with his big eyes enjoying the ride.
Tummy time! He is getting so strong and seems to even like tummy time...well at least for the first several minutes.
Daddy captured a snuggle/sleep time in the wee hours of the morning.

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aconkling said...

So cute - and yes, he is a sweetie pie! I agree and think he looks like Chad in some of the pics. What a big boy!
Dana's son will get to join Luke soon...yay!