Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend Chad's sisters came for the weekend to celebrate Chad's mom's birthday. We all ventured out to the pumpkin patch and corn maize. Chad navigated us through the corn maize, we went on an adult-sized slide, shot baby pumpkins with a giant sling shot and lots of other fun stuff. Luke, little trooper that he is, got his first tooth during all the fun and a bout with diarrhea to go along with it that resulted in two quite impressive blowouts. What's a trip to the pumpkin patch without some extra excitement, right? :) He didn't seem to mind. He also fell in love with his cousin Kayla. He giggles with us, but he just laughed and laughed at/with Kayla all day long. The kind of belly laugh that makes everyone else laugh too. It was a fun day, despite all the poo! It's nice that he can see his cousins more than once a year now!

Luke with Grandma and Grandpa Eigsti

with Aunt Cherise and cousins Kayla and Ethan (somehow didn't get Aunt Shanna pictured!)
Our little pumkin

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aconkling said...

Is this the pumpkin patch in Turon? We went with my family this last weekend and LOVED it! It's definitely on our list of places to visit again next year!
Your little guy is too cute. Glad to see all is well with you all! :)