Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas

Ok, so I was just there anyone out there other than me who can't seem to pull it together this year??? I even got half a Christmas letter written, but didn't have time to finish it. sigh. As I reflect on 2009, one word comes to mind: Change. It goes as follows: In February, we welcomed Luke Thomas into our family and began our journey into parenthood. In April, Chad accepted an associate pastor position in Kansas. In June, we moved 1000 miles from Cleveland to Hutchinson and Chad began his position at the church, as well as his new vocation as a plumber (with no prior experience, by the way). In August, we made 2 offers on two houses and didn't get either of them. In August, I also started back to work part-time at a new job working as a speech therapist at a school (very new for me since I'd never worked in a school setting before). In September, I joined the women's ministry team at church and started leading a Bible study. In September, we also made another offer on a house and got it! We closed on the house in October. In November we moved into the house after numerous hours of painting and fixing. Which brings us to December, when we had a broken down water heater, and we still have plenty of unpacked boxes, and a bathroom project in the works, complete with a toilet in the guest room and the sink and vanity in the living room. Now that I look back at this crazy year, I don't feel so bad about not sending out Christmas cards, because really, it's a miracle I'm still sane. Here's to hoping for a less eventful 2010. And maybe I'll even get a little more organized. I did get a label maker for Christmas after all.
From our hectic home to yours, we wish you a (belated) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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jane said...

You look SO BEAUTIFUL in this photo!
SO excited you're leading a study! Me too! Do you like it? I love it!!