Friday, February 5, 2010

Visiting Grandpa

Today Luke and I went to visit my Grandpa at the nursing home. In the Alzheimer’s unit where he is staying, they have lots of activities planned to keep their minds stimulated. When we got there, another resident of the nursing home had volunteered his time to sing for this group. When he was finished, we were playing with Grandpa, and all of the residents were so intrigued with watching Luke, that they canceled the next activity so everyone could just enjoy Luke! He put on quite the show for everyone…crawling around in the middle of them, laughing, jabbering, playing peek-a-boo, reading books. As we left home this morning, I happened to grab the camera and I’m so glad I did! Grandpa was having a great day and LOVED Luke! I saw lots of Grandpa’s familiar smiles and wish he could be this alert more often.

And really, who could resist this face??? He may be the sweetest kid ever.

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Tanya said...

GREAT pictures of Grandpa! And Luke too of course!