Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

Oh, the joys of motherhood. The other night, Luke was playing outside with Chad, and of course got his pants covered in dirt/mud. So, when they came in for supper, I just took off his pants and didn't put another pair on since bedtime was just around the corner. I also noted he had a super wet diaper, but again didn't change it since bathtime was coming after supper. Fast forward to after supper...Chad went back outside to mow and I kept Luke inside so I could give him a bath, but had to feed Adam first. Luke was playing quietly in the other room, so I was enjoying my time with Adam when my Mommy Radar went off. The other room was quiet, too quiet for the last minute or so. I hollered for Luke. No response. Adam's dinner came to a quick halt as I jumped up to investigate, only to find the door leading to the garage wide open. I ran through the garage [as fast as my post-baby legs can carry me] and discovered our first born happily frolicking and jumping in the puddles of our next door neighbor's freshly watered yard. Did I mention he was only wearing a red t-shirt, a saggy diaper, socks, and an oversized backwards baseball cap? Classy. If I wasn't so mortified in the moment, I would have run inside to grab my camera. The mental image of it still makes me laugh out loud. I did try to snap a photo when we got back inside [after he was scolded for going outside by himself], but couldn't get him to hold still long enough to do so. Go figure. Boys. What do I do with boys?!?

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What to say to this one?? lol