Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

All would not be right in the world if we didn't make it the pumpkin patch in the fall. How is it that the smallest people in the family instinctively know that this is fun?  Adam squealed in delight the whole time, and I remember that at Adam's age, Luke clapped the whole time we were there.  They know it's special! Even though it was a little chilly, it was a great time had by all. They have so many cute activities at this place, too...pumpkin bowling, pumpkin tic tac toe, a big slide, a corn maze, and the list goes on! Why wasn't all this fun stuff around when I was a kid?!

The boys were having so much fun we literally didn't even tell them to smile for this picture.  They are normally not so cooperative with pictures!

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