Sunday, January 20, 2013

A New Low...

I have mentioned before the difficulty we have with our last name in public.  Well, here's the latest story we have to share.  We got a pretty good laugh about it...hope you do too!  Chad wrote the following to share with some of our family, and I will share it with you as well.  Brace yourself for this one...

I was at a tire repair shop after church today to drop off the car to fix a tire. The nice man behind the counter asked me my name. I said, "Chad E-I-G-S-T-I" (spelling the name instead of saying it of course). He studiously wrote down each letter as I spelled it out for him. After I finished, he stopped and looked over at me as if expecting me to keep going. I said, "that's it". His look began to harden into total confusion. I peeked over the counter at the piece of paper he was writing on so I could understand where we had gone wrong. As God as my witness, this is what I saw:


Don't adjust your lenses folks, you are looking at the NUMBER 5! It is hard to remember what all went through my mind as I looked over his interpretation of our family name. My first thought was pity for a man who had obviously forgot to listen when his mother told him not to stick the the Q-Tip too far into his ears. If you go in past the second knuckle, you have gone too far!
Have a wonderful day.
Chad Eidsg5 

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