Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5-5, just for you Dana

My friend Dana B (I have to use last initials now that I have 2 friend Dana's, both with blogs!) tagged me on her blog to post the 5th picture in the 5th file of our photos. Her 5th picture captures my feelings these days...it was of her when she was 5 days past her due date with Bella. :) Anyway, so here you have it folks: our 5-5 is of Chad sitting across the table from me at dinner the night he proposed. And I decided that while I was posting that, I'd go ahead and take a moment to brag about that magical evening, since he went all out for me. Don't worry, I'll tell the short version. He was living in Cleveland and I was in Kansas, and he surprised me by showing up on my doorstep one night. Well, first there was only a package on my doorstep that contained a video he made of himself talking to me about how much he loooooves me and then footage of him traveling to Kansas to me, and when the video was done he was literally on my doorstep! But he didn't propose at that point. We first went to dinner and then he drove me to his parents' house where he had transformed their living room into a romantic proposal spot. And the rest is history...

A day or 2 after he proposed. Definitely one of the happiest times of my life!


aconkling said...

What a sweet story and fun memories! Jack and I are praying for baby's safe delivery. Dana R. and I see each other often -- today at coffee I was asking if you had any baby news yet! :)
Jack and I have a blog now, too! www.conklingclips.blogspot.com.
God's blessings this week as you prepare for His precious gift!

Justin B said...

Wow Chad, You are the man.