Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rolling Places...Meeting New People

Luke has been through lots of firsts this past month! He did great during our move to Kansas and met lots of new people along the way!

Back on Memorial Day, Luke rolled over for the first time!

First time getting his diaper changed in the trunk!

During our drive from Cleveland to Kansas, he met his Uncle Matt and Aunt Sarah in Indianapolis...

and his "Uncle" Pete and "Aunt" Linzi in Chicago...

and Aunt Cherise,

Uncle Micah and Aunt Shanna,
and cousins Kayla and Ethan in Omaha!
Then in Kansas, he met Grandpa Nisly,

cousins Andrew and Jonathan,
and Aunt Tanya and Uncle Keith (not pictured). He briefly mistook Uncle Keith for Daddy since they both have dark hair, and then pouted when he realized it wasn't Daddy. :)

First bath in the "big boy bath" with Grandma Nisly
First time falling asleep at the table with Grandpa Eigsti
First time being able to grab his toes this week!
And this one, just for fun.


aconkling said...

How precious! And what a great way to record your move back to Kansas. We're so happy you're here! Once you get settled in and ready for company, let us know! :)

dana said...

So cute! Welcome home to KS!! We can't wait to see you!

Dana Marie said...

how in the world did you have room in your trunk when you're moving?! that's the most impressive part I think! know you're missed...

Anonymous said...

Sondra loved the pictures so glad to see you are out there and moved in. I will miss not seeing you as often. Luke is getting bigger and chubbier. how cute he is. James just had his 2 year birthday last week. Can't believe how time flies. Treasure these baby moments with Luke they fly by.