Monday, May 18, 2009

Movin' and Groovin'

One happy family!This is Luke on our walk the other day. He got a nap and mommy got some fresh air and exercise. All was right with the world.
In case you didn't notice his incredible eyelashes in the shot above, here is a close up! He was born with short stubby ones, and then one morning I discovered he had grown these long, luscious lashes (totally wasted on a boy, by the way), but they are so cute. Looks like he has something in common with his cousin Jonathan!
This is his new thing. When I start talking to him and try to get him to smile he gets this little shy smile and puts his hand up to his face like that. So. Cute.
Our smiley sweetie pie. He's also juuust starting to giggle a little bit, but not all the time. Can't wait for those belly laughs to start!
He can hold a toy now! And he's really more excited about it than it looks, promise.
This is Mr. Luke during his favorite pastime: bathtime. What could be more delightful than getting to be naked and splashing water everywhere? Nothing, that's what. He can be super fussy, but put him in some water and he is the happiest baby in the universe.
This is my favorite outfit ever. He is adorable in it!
So I realize I've been slacking and haven't put many pictures of Luke up lately...but for those of you in Kansas, you soon can watch him grow up before your very eyes! Yup, Chad and I are moving to Hutchinson in 2 very short weeks! Chad has accepted an associate pastor postion at Maranatha. We are excited about this next chapter in our lives and look forward to being near family again! See you all soon!


aconkling said...

So it IS true! :) I confirmed with Dana this morning at coffee time. Maybe you can join us some Tuesday mornings! It's such fun and now a treat with Wyatt along.
Happy moving!

Tanya said...

It's about time you put some new pictures up. I was having withdrawal! And I know you have nothing else to do like pack or feed a baby or...:)

Can't wait to get my hands on this little cutie patootie!