Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today Chad and I celebrate 3 years of marriage! My, how quickly time does fly by! I am still in awe at times how God ended up bringing us together. His timing is always right! I am truly fortunate and thankful for my wonderful husband. He's the love of my life!


aconkling said...

Happy Anniversary! We remember your special day well.....and you have an extra reason to celebrate your love this year! :)
Many blessings!

Matt and Renita said...

What beautiful pics! Happy Anniversary! We can't wait to see y'all next month!

Natelie said...

Oh, my lanta! I remember that day...I was the bawl bag sitting towards the front left side. It is so amazing how God brought you two together and how amazingly perfect that you are for one another! AND, Jed and I have been married 6 years...YOWZA! Time surely flies! Congratulations and I wish you many more wonderful years together!

aconkling said...

Is it TRUE?? Are you guys moving to Hutch in a few weeks?! (crossing fingers!)
Jack had breakfast with Peter Miller this morning at Dutch Kitchen and he told Jackson the news. If it's true, we're so excited for you guys to get here and meet your little one. You'll have to come over once you get situated for a nice dinner at the Conkling casa.
Take care - and travel safe!