Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Boom!

So three of our friends have had babies in the last couple of weeks! Dustin and Peggy had Madison Eve on April 16, Dana and Randy had Wyatt Jacob on April 26, and Mike and Jen had Samuel Daniel on April 29! Congrats to you all! We've had the opportunity to meet Miss Madison and Mr. Sam and are looking forward to meeting Wyatt in Kansas next month! I already can't believe Luke was that small! Enjoy it guys, because as everyone tells you (and I already believe them)...it goes so fast!

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aconkling said...

I know! Another couple in our small group (besides Dana and Randy) had their baby five days after Wyatt was born.
If you have the chance, give us a call next month when you're in town. I know Jack would love to catch up with Chad, and we'd love to see your little man if at all possible!
I believe Chad has Jack's cell number...if not, we can give it to you!