Saturday, November 28, 2009

8 month pics of Luke

This is our new thing. Luke has figured out the whole separation when mommy puts him down for a nap she leaves the room. So he did not nap/sleep all that great for awhile, but hopefully we're back on track now. Anyway, he's taken to sitting up in his crib and crying until eventually he wears himself out and falls asleep sitting up, which ends up looking like this. I happened to peek in his room right as he was falling asleep literally sitting up with the head bobbing thing going on and everything so I ran to get the camera and by the time I got back I found this.
My little bookworm. Getting to his pile of books is what motivated him to learn to crawl.
Oh yeah, have I mentioned he crawls now? My life as a blissful, carefree mother is over. It just happened overnight practically. One day he couldn't and didn't seem to care. The next day he made a beeline across the room for his books. Now he makes a beeline to pretty much everything that is not baby related...outlets, a teeny tiny screw, breakable items, etc. I'm excited that he has accomplished this milestone, but secretly, I'm also in mourning because I know what awaits me and that this is just the beginning.
Awww, this picture was just taken a short week and a half ago, back when life was simpler and I could just sit him by his toy box and not worry about his every move. *Sigh*
This pic is pretty deer-in-the-headlights-ish, but check out those big brown eyes!
Halloween. Yes, I said Halloween. Yes, I realize it's almost December.
The cutest cow on the Nisly Farm.
This picture is pretty wiggy for some reason, but a cute one nonetheless.

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Tanya said...

He is the cutest cow, even if it did tick him off to wear that costume!