Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eigsti Farm Fun

The other Sunday, Chad's parents declared they needed their "Luke fix" of the week so we headed out to enjoy a beautiful afternoon on the Eigsti farm. Luke of course was thrilled because that meant plenty of time to play outside.
Mr. Cool just chillin' on the porch
a boy and his sticks
Mimi giving a ride in Luke's new found love, the wagon.
so. happy. Sticks-check, wagon-check, outside-check, grandparents-check check. Life is good.
Papa giving Luke the extended tour. I think our next investment might need to be a wagon.

1 comment:

Micah & Shanna said...

ohhhhhhhhhh, i want a "Luke fix" AND a "Chad & Sondra fix"? when is your last day of school? counting down? hope all is well!