Friday, April 2, 2010

Luke's Life

We've been playing outside a lot lately. Luke is obsessed with being outside. Thankfully we've had a lot of nice days! His current toy of choice is his baseball. Such a boy.
In other not so fun seems that Luke may have a milk allergy. Pictured below shows how his face breaks out if he drinks whole milk or has milk product. It doesn't seem to bother him otherwise. But, our doctor recommends that we eliminate all dairy from his diet and we will do allergy testing at his 15 month well visit. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. I have found it seems everything I make has some sort of dairy in it. How do I cook? I often end up having to make him something different than we are eating, which is super unhandy. Check your seems like everything has milk in it! Anyone out there ever been through this? Any advice?
Just for fun...looks like we have a natural on our hands. He doesn't know it yet, but there are piano lessons in his future...


Mike Medved said...

Hey Sondra - great pics! Yeah, both of our kids have gone through the milk allergy thing, although at a younger age (say 6 months). Addie definitely outgrew it, which is the good news. She did the same thing, she'd get hives all over the place.

Jen can give you tons of tips. Just drop us a line!


Adrianna said...

Hey! Luke's face looks JUST like Corinne's when she eats any dairy, and Elise when she drinks whole milk!! They are now both on Elecare, a special "medical food" that provides the fat and protein they're missing from the whole milk (and other dairy products) - you mix it like baby formula. We've seen an allergist, and are just avoiding the dairy till at least age 2, hoping they outgrow it. Oddly, Elise can handle yogurt and cheese, probably because the proteins are broken down in these foods. Our allergist also recommended no eggs til age 2 and no nuts til age 3 (after testing for allergies to both) since the girls are now "predisposed to allergies" and these are other highly allergic foods. Corinne can eat soy yogurt. We discussed the options of rice milk and soy milk, but neither come close to providing what the babies need at their age (for brain development) in the way of fat and protein. Send me an email or give me a call if you want to chat... Adrianna

jane said...

Maybe use soy milk??

Maddie loves playing piano, too!

Dana Marie said...

no advice about milk allergies, but do have to tell you what a stinkin' cute kid you have!! seriously, it's almost absurd.