Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally Done!!

The bathroom, that is. Unfortunately, when our computer crashed, we lost the "before" picture, so you'll just have to envision dated pink everywhere...tile (on all the walls), on the floor, on the wallpaper. I love pink and all, but not in the bathroom! So, after approx. 4-5 months of hard labor, we have a beautiful bathroom. I can't take much credit. The only thing I did was strip all the wallpaper and pick out all the new stuff (with Chad, of course). Chad did pretty much all the labor himself, with a little help. And of course he works full-time, so everything was done on evenings and weekends (hence the 4-5 months). My brother Matt helped with some plumbing, removing/installing the tub and shower walls, my brother-in-law Keith helped with cutting and putting up some of the beadboard (unfortunately, he is not pictured below since Tanya and I were hard at work on other house projects at the time), and Chad's dad helped with laying the tile, hanging the giant mirror, and some electrical work.
Here is what it looked like for most of those 4-5 months (a super fun mess to try to keep a curious toddler away from!):
And here's the after:
The toilet and the fan are the only things that remain from the original. Yes, I said a fan. We are not sure why there is a ceiling fan in the bathroom. It may or may not stay. Jury is still out.
my cousin Gina helped me make this curtain...cute, huh?
Ta Da! My husband is awesome.


Judy said...

absolutely beautiful Sondra

Quarter-lifer said...

Chad is like Bob Vila! Bathroom looks awesome and Luke is so cute in those rodeo pics! Too funny!
Michelle (jen's sister!)

Adrianna said...

Bathroom is a beauty! Enjoy!

dana said...

You guys did a great job on the curtain! Bathroom looks great!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous job Sondra. We might be out there in NOv. for Kim Wickeys wedding. so excited for Tanya and Keith. Talk to you later. Love Emily S.

Mike Medved said...

Holy Toledo...Please move back to Cleveland and redo our bathrooms. We'll pay you in babysitting and any foods you miss from C-town! Looks awesome!