Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last weekend we were in Colorado for the first ever HENfest (Henry Elizabeth Nisly [my grandparents] family reunion). My dad's family started as a family of 7 - his parents and 5 children. We have lost my grandma and 2 of dad's brothers. But, we are now an extended family of 33 (34 in October). We all stayed in a beautiful lodge up in the mountains and had a grand 'ol time. My Grandma would have loved it.
This is the whole gang, except for my grandpa who is not well enough to leave the nursing home.
Don't these pictures just look like we're on vacation? Mountains, balloons...what more could you want?
Have I ever mentioned that Luke is obsessed with my dad?
Well, so are his cousins. And they spent plenty of time fighting over his attention.
But don't be fooled, they LOVE eachother. We didn't tell them to do this. They hug literally every time they see each other. Even if it's only been 5 minutes.
This is my immediate family.
One day, some of the gang decided to go on a bike ride down Vail Pass. It. was. awesome. The views were breathtaking and it was so refreshing. We stopped along the way frequently to explore, enjoy the view, and take short hikes. Luke even rode along with us and loved every minute of it. Except when we didn't let him eat a rock.

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Matt and Renita said...

So glad you guys had a great time. The pics of the kiddos are so cute-love the ones with Grandpa!