Monday, May 16, 2011

It's the Best...

...being a mom, that is. These boys are simply a delight and add lots of joy to our lives. Some days are more challenging than others of course, but I can always confidently say that it is 100% worth it. The other week, our serman at church was about distinguishing what in our lives has eternal value. I couldn't help but think of the eternal value of raising kids. God has given us the blessing and responsibility to raise our children to know and serve Him. What job could be more important?
Luke has just started to spontaneously tell us he loves us. The other day, he ran up and hugged my leg and said, "Mommy I just love you so much". *Melt* my heart.
And another day, I caught Luke (spontaneously) serenading his brother with "Jesus Loves Me", with Adam smiling and beaming at the attention from his big brother. Love it! Since Motherhood is not a paid position, I consider this my raise. :)

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Mike Medved said...

OMG...that's the cutest video ever. Love it. Your boys are lucky to have you. You are one great Mama.