Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Boy Bed

About a month ago, Luke surrendered his crib to his brother (i.e., he learned to climb out of his crib). We were ready to make the transition anyway, so it just sped us along in the process. Luke has always been a wonderful sleeper, so I was kind of concerned about the transition, hoping it wouldn't change his good sleeping habits. Much to my delight, it was smooth sailin'...for the first two weeks anyway. Then it suddenly dawned on him..."hey, I can get up. any.time.I.want!" So, {my first week back at work} we battled it out, night after night and took him back to his bed umteen million times, and I am happy to report that now once we put him in, he stays. He does, however, wake up roughly 2 hours earlier than he did pre-big boy bed. Whatever, I'll take it.
Waking up from his last nap in his crib
Luke's room before the transition...and below is after. Eventually, Chad plans on building bunk beds for the boys to share the room.

first time sleeping in his bed! (P.S. Mike & Jen - thank you for storing that bed for us all that time, now it's getting put to use! :)

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