Thursday, August 18, 2011

Never A Dull Moment...

Life has been a bit hectic to say the least! In the last 2-ish weeks:
- I turned 30 *groan*
-Adam got his bottom two teeth
-Adam learned to sit independently
-Luke (my always-has-been-a-fantastic-sleeper) decided sleeping is overrated, henceforth, no one sleeps at our house anymore
-I started back to work (how could summer be over already!?)
-Adam got sick for the first time - fever, hives, rash...the works (my first week of work *groan again*)
-Adam's dedication was Sunday at church
-Chad got accepted to Seminary
-oh, and we went swimming at the Salt City Splash and the boys LOVED it! (just wanted to throw something fun and summer-y in there! :)
August has been a whirlwind so far! Fortunately, God did bless us with some rain and some cooler weather, so life has felt more bearable. 90 degrees never felt so good! Pictures to come at some point of some of the above listed activities...but not until I get a handle on this mound of laundry...

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