Sunday, September 18, 2011

Farmer Boys

Luke and Jonathan: A Day at the Farm...the Dialogue
Luke: Let's go look at Grandpa's cows.
Jonathan: Ok.
Luke: {doing cow call [aka mooing] to bring them to the fence}
Jonathan: ewwww! That one is peeing. I hope it doesn't pee on us!

Luke: That's a black one. It's a baby cow.
Jonathan: Is that one a baby cow?
Luke: No, that one is the black one. (clearly the expert on the situation)
Luke: They go in the barn when they hot. Grandpa feed them hay bales with the tractor. John Deere tractor.
Jonathan: ooooohhh.
[This is the conversation as I remember. It was very educational...and awfully cute that the cousins were having such a grown up conversation. I was too busy snapping pictures to think about getting video.] ages- Luke 2 1/2, Jonathan 3 1/2

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Tanya said...

This cracks me up! Really wish we had video. Maybe we can convince them to re-enact it for our benefit. :)