Friday, October 14, 2011

Eigstis are Cool

Last weekend we celebrated Great Grandpa Eigsti's 86th birthday. Here are four generations of handsome Eigsti men!! Good thing we've added two more men to the mix. It turns out there aren't a whole lot of Eigstis out there. Anytime we say our last name, no matter where in the world we go, we are pelted with questions and comments. Eigsti..."how do you say that? How do you spell that? Where are you from? What country are you from? What origin is that? I've never heard that one before! That's a weird name. That's...different." Yes, truly, we have heard all of these questions/comments and many more not mentioned here. You don't even want to know how bad telemarketers have butchered it. We get it. We're a rare breed. Let it go.
Yes, this is our family. In true form. One child with spit up covering 90% of his body, the other child who has recently decided that using his "zoned out" look is the way to go for pictures. At least 50% of our children are happy. We must be doing something right, right? The truth is, before these pictures were taken, Luke just came to the realization that he will have to say, spell, and state his country of origin every time he says his last name to someone for the rest. of. his. life. He looks exhausted, doesn't he? Can't say I blame him. I had a moment like that as well when I decided to marry into it! :) Just kidding. I'm proud to be an Eigsti!


Mike Medved said...

Hilarious...I laughed out loud at Luke's new photo face. :)

elliemae said...

after almost 21 years of that name i was excited to have an easier name and yet do you know how many people mess up beachy - crazy!!! love the pics!!! can't tell the 3 older men are related at all!!!! :)