Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Few Words...

...About motherhood
I'm a mom.  Things happen when you're a mom.  Such as:
1) Going a whole day wearing two different earrings in public but not realizing it until evening.
2)  Wearing ugly dirty "house only" flip flops to a work meeting (I was playing outside with the boys before I left and forgot to switch shoes.  oops)
3)  losing [one] shoe...Adam is kind of obsessed with shoes and likes to carry them around the house.  I've been missing a shoe for over a month now.  Since I've looked everywhere possible, I'm pretty sure it must have made its way to the trash.  *sigh*
Being a mother is certainly not an easy job.  But it's also a job I would never want to quit doing. 
Happy [Belated] Mother's Day!

1 comment:

Mike Medved said...

You know the minute you pitch that other shoe, Adam will come waltzing out with the match. hahaha....boys.