Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Photo Shoot

I really wanted some newborn pictures of Sawyer with the boys.  So...I decided to give photography a whirl and to my amazement I love the pictures!  Here's what I did:
1. Look on Pinterest for pose ideas.
2. Borrow the parents' nice camera.
3. Wait for perfect weather.
4. Shamelessly bribe the children with suckers for their cooperation!
Sawyer was one week old in these pictures.  Can't believe he'll already be one month old this Thursday!
  Adam was not prompted to give Sawyer such affection in the following pictures.  Both he and Luke love on Sawyer all day every day!  Fortunately, so far Sawyer tolerates all of their "love" pretty well.

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Mike Medved said...

LOVE! You're on your way lady...love the sephia one of the boys!