Saturday, May 24, 2008

And last of all...Rome

Our trip ended in Rome. (To see the start of our trip and work your way to Rome, go to the side where it says "Blog Archive", start at London and work backwards to Rome. Sorry about that.) Here we went on a walking tour of Imperial Rome, saw the inside of the Colosseum, tossed some coins into Trevi Fountain, and saw the Pantheon.

Trevi Fountain, built in 1792
tossing coins, and making a wish!
the Pantheon - originally built in 27 BC and rebuilt in 125 AD. It is still used as a church today.
On our guided tour walking through the Roman Forums.

Inside the Colosseum

The arch Constantine built after his conversion to Christianity.
On the Spanish Steps.On our last night, we had a farewell party. Our tour manager had asked all of us to buy a Venecian mask while in Venice, but she didn't tell us why. She had us all wear them to our farewell party, just for fun. It was an awesome trip!

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