Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a.............

Well, I am 21 weeks along and we had our ultrasound this morning. As far as we know, everything looks good and Baby is growing right on track...currently weighing in at 15 ounces. It seems weird that we could possibly already know the gender, but we do! Baby was a little shy at first, but eventually the technician got a good look. Anybody want to place any final guesses??

profile pics
face shot (the blob on the left) - at least this one is not quite as alien-looking as Luke's was!

one little foot
Two little feet! Luke will soon have a wrestling buddy and a new best friend. That's right, it's a BOY!
Still not convinced? Here's another shot. Someday I'll have to apologize to him for exposing him in this way!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I am happy for you guys Luke will love having a restling buddy. Can't wait to meet him sometime. Miss you all a ton. Love ya EMily

Mike Medved said...

Boys, boys, boys. I love it. I just can't wait to meet baby boy #2. So, is it too early to start guessing names? Can you give us a hint?
jen & mike

Lindsay said...

CONGRATS on another boy! I've always thought it would be fun to have two of the same gender in a row - for playmate purposes of course! :-)

I think we're going to find out this time around too - in less than a month! Craziness.