Sunday, October 24, 2010


We had to take a family trip to the zoo before it gets chilly, so after visiting Hannah in the hospital, we jetted to the zoo. Luke loved it of course and now has many new animal names added into his vocabulary. Penguins, tigers, and monkeys topped his list as his new favorites to watch. It was a beautiful day! checking out the hippos with daddy

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Lindsay said...

Okay - sorry - I tried to email you but can't find your email address :-) To answer your question - YES! It was fun to find out! I guess I was ready for it for some reason. Strange.

Anyway - the boy names we had were (and I'm so sad we aren't able to use the first one): Max, Levi, and Liam. Oh, and Eli (my gpa) and Ian (my bro's middle name) were on our list from Jack.

Do you share names?? Got any girl names by chance?