Thursday, February 14, 2013


Well, I've really been slacking here.  In early January, we went on an amazing trip with Chad's family.  His parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last year, and to celebrate they took all of us kids and grandkids to Cancun, Mexico!  I wasn't sure how the boys would do flying, but they loved it and did great (despite us missing our connecting flight on the way home!).  On our very first flight, Luke was really taking it all in and I asked him, "Luke, isn't it cool that we are above the clouds?"  To which he replied, "Yeah, but where is Jesus?".  Love it!

We got there late afternoon, and Luke could absolutely not wait to play on the beach.  One of my favorite things about this trip was just watching the wonder and joy of our children as they experienced the ocean for the first time.
The waves were pretty strong and it took him about 3 seconds to get knocked down by one.  A little wave therapy was needed after that.
 The kids had so much fun getting to play with their cousins every day!
This is the only picture I have of us all together as a family!  We went to dinner at a local restaurant and the wait staff went gaga over Adam.  He started imitating them saying "hola!".
The boys were so excited to get so much Daddy time.  Adam especially was glued to Chad's hip.  He had to be with him all.the.time.  Mommy was chopped liver.  If you look closely on the picture below, you can see sand all over Adam's face.  That happened because Chad walked away from Adam and I briefly and Adam couldn't handle being away from him.  He flopped himself down in the sand face first and threw a little fit.  Daddy came back to rescue him eventually.
We are so grateful to Chad's parents for taking us on this trip.  They are so generous, and it was fun to make these lifelong memories with them!


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Lindsay Y. said...

Um yeah. Would they like to adopt a family for their 50th Anniversary celebration?! :-) Wow. What an amazing trip to be able to take your kids on!