Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Luke's Birthday

Well, since we already had the big birthday party, Luke's birthday was a pretty low key event.  But we still had ice cream to celebrate, of course!  I don't know where 4 years has gone, but it's flown.  This boy keeps us on our toes, and always has.  He remembers everything, learns quickly, and loves his preschool.  He loves to play games, loves Lightning McQueen, loves being outside riding his bike, and still loves all things tractors/farming.  He is such a bright little guy and can be so considerate of others.  Happy Birthday, big boy!
 Since he's pretty into playing games, we got him this great game for his birthday called Spot It.  To play, you have to try to find which picture on your card matches the card on the deck before your opponent finds their match.  While we were playing:
Luke: This one matches!  But what does it say? 
Me: What do you think it says?
Luke: without prompting, sounds out each letter like 4 or 5 times, then gets this excited look on his face and declares, "STOP!  It says stop!"
Me: looking at him with disbelief that he just read a word by himself!
We do not practice that or work on that at all!  Guess Word World is coming in handy?!  He is so interested in letters, rhyming, and all of that pre-literacy stuff.  I'm not complaining!

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