Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Adam!

Our sweet Valentine's baby turned 2 today!  I can assure you that this child is a ball full of energy and joy.  He has just recently hit his "language explosion" and now tries to talk all the time!  Yay!  He is even starting to put 2-word phrases together.  It is so fun to watch him do this and surprise us with new words in his vocabulary every day.  He loves tractor rides with Grandpa, getting chicken eggs with Grandma, going to the "fun beach" (as he says) with Mimi and Papa, and trying to keep up with all of Luke's antics.  He loves the color blue and laughs when we read the book Llama Llama Red Pajama.  He gives the sweetest little kisses and has a wide range of hilarious animated facial expressions.  He is a social little butterfly and likes to be involved in everything we're doing.  Oh yeah, and he's a wee bit strong willed and has a killer pouty lip.  We love you, Adam!  Happy Birthday!
 I adore his birthday shirt!  Stop over at my friend Lindsay's etsy shop or search "Blue Yodey Boutique" on facebook to check out pictures all of her work.  She makes the cutest stuff!  Stay tuned to see the one she made for Luke's birthday - love it!

We went with a Dairy Queen cupcake for today's celebration.  This weekend when we have a little party for both boys' birthdays, he'll have his real cake!

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Lindsay Y. said...

Happy Birthday!!! And two words - awesome!! :-) Love the shirt, btw.